Far- Pony


(Bright Antenna, 2010)

by Paul Stephenson

Having waited for nigh on a decade with only my copies of ‘Tin Cans With Strings To You’ and ‘Water and Solutions’ to keep the little whiny emo boy inside of me company, Far are back, meaning that once again the holy triumvirate of late 90’s metal bands from Sacramento, California is once again complete (in case you are joining late here, the other two are Deftones, and Will Haven, who recently made me soil myself with news they were reunited.)

So what a total and utter shame that they have decided to launch their reunion with this hideously insipid piece of drivel, the equivalent of listening to Radio One’s Live Lounge Sessions as Biffy Clyro mumble through the latest pop sensation. A cover of a Ginuwine song (I haven’t a clue who he is either, but the song sounds vaguely familiar) the shocks come thick and fast.

Firstly, it sounds fucking horrible, only one step removed from the R’n’b production gloss of the original, and a million miles away from the heft of their earlier work. Shock number two is that vocalist Jonah Matranga, who possesses one of the truly great voices of out generation, soft and silky and emotive, like Maynard from Tool gargling sweet honey, has been autotuned to fuck, rendering him as bland and pointless as practically every song in the charts. Thirdly, it seems that the guitars of Shaun Lopez have been forgotten, or dropped. Now I’m sure that it’s all supposed to be a bit pastiche, silly fun and a send up. Fine, I have no problem with that, but release it as a b-side, please.

This is the first song that the band have released in over a decade, and instead of taking a leaf out of Cave In’s book and releasing a short sharp but bewilderingly brilliant ep, Far have jumped the gun and released a pitiful one track single that is unlikely to win them any new friends, and more likely to alienate their fanbase. An utterly unfathomable move, a terrible single, and a pointless gimmick. Not bad for a comeback single, eh? Let’s hope that if they do get around to doing an album it won’t be a reflection on the works of R Kelly.


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