Excelsior! Welcome to Demon Pigeon

pigeon_attackHello, and welcome to the launch of Demon Pigeon.  Contained within these pages is more in the way of arrogant self important opinion than you are likely to encounter in the rest of your lives.  Demon Pigeon is a site that aims to give you facile masses the very best in the world of (sticks horns up) Metal.

Basically the mission statement is to cover whatever is of interest to us as music fans, since by extension there;s a good chance that you, as music fans, will be interested in the same kinds of things. Hence we also delve into the murky worlds of TV, film, comics, art, and whatever else takes our fancy. We also know that you’d have to be an absolute fool to think that metal is the only music out there, so we will also be covering other music that gets us harder than Mel Gibson at a Holocaust museum.

In order to keep your interest here, we have lined up a smorgasboard of content for you to celebrate our launch:

We have an interview with Amber from Jucifer, who was good enough to put up with our dumbass questions.

We have Demon Pigeon’s Top 5 Albums of the last decade. The best man won. Most fucking definintely.

We have live reviews of Baroness, Monster Magnet and Alice in Chains.

We have CD reviews of Converge, Kylesa, Far, Them Crooked Vultures, Shrinebuilder,Pearl Jam, Cave In, Rammstein, Fu Manchu, Slayer and more.

In our cult section we have a review of Taranino’s latest, and a look at the best new show on telly (clue, it’s not Take Me Out) as well as the latest Garth Ennis masterpiece, The Boys, and the latest Resident Evil.

Last of all we have a look into the crazy brain of Billy Corgan.

As well as this, you can follow us on twitter and become a fan on Facebook, and even listen to our eclectic gubbins on our last.fm radio station by following the buttons on the right. Be warned though, one of our writers listens to a lot of free jazz. And if you like what you find here, feel free to tell everyone you meet, even people you don’t really know that well. Why not drop us into conversation at your next big job interview, or on your first date.

Have fun cunts! We fucking won’t.



  1. Excellent – it’s looking good! I have added you to my RSS feeds despite not really being into metal, films for boys or free jazz. So do me some more book reviews please?

    Also, if you ever need any thoroughly metal recipes I’m sure I can do that. Definitely.

    P.s. Hello Paul!

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