How not to make a metal music video, by Unearth

It’s a guaranteed fact that the more generic and staid a band is, the more generic and staid their music videos are. That rule of thumb did not prepare me for the new Unearth video, however, which is so hideously put together that it makes old Biohazard videos look like high art. I mean, just give this a watch:

Watch as Unearth do all the crazy things a touring band does! Revel in their silly sex faces! Marvel at the disinterested festival crowds! Recoil as the band have to change a tyre on their tour bus! I mean really? Quite aside from the fact that it doesn’t fit in any way with the (extraordinarily ordinary) metalcore that is the song itself, it looks like the kind of crap that every metal band were doing in the late 90’s mainly because Pantera had made it look good once.

Message to any metal band out there. Please stop making these videos. Yes they are cheap, and you might think your fans will get a kick out of seeing you have a jolly old time, but the truth is that every time one of these videos is made, somewhere a child dies. So stop it.

Oh and just in case you completely disagree with me, the song is called ‘Crow Killer’ and it comes from the latest Unearth album ‘The March.’



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