The Mustaine Report: Part 1

By Andi Hamilton

So, Dave Ellefson re-joined Megadeth this past week, which is pretty awesome as far as  returning bassists go, if slightly less impressive than, say, Cliff Burton returning to Metallica. As usual, Mustaine is outshined by his former band.

Anyway, so Ellefson finally got in contact with Mustaine, realized that being in Megadeth is far better than being in… well, whatever the fuck he has been doing since he left, and they patched up their differences over a chat about Jesus or something. Now they’re jetting off around the world playing the entire Rust in Peace album on the latest tour. This is a good thing, as it ensures at least half the set will be taken up by some stone cold classic thrash, as opposed to some of the latter day guff, like that one song from Gears of War. Come on, Dave. If you’re going to play ONE song you did for a videogame, at least crank out the Duke Nukem theme.

While he’s in this “forgive and forget” with old band members, someone get Mustaine the phone number for Marty fuckin’ Friedman! Homeboy has a pretty sweet gig these days, presenting karaoke shows for Japanese TV and playing guitar solos for Sonic the Hedgehog games, but that’s still nowhere near as pimp as Mustaine, Ellefson and himself stood on the Download Festival stage, ripping through the latter half of Holy Wars.



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