Dongahawk (NSFW)

By Daniel Cairns

I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about Mike Patton for a while now. He’s probably my favourite music person like… ever. A writer likes nothing better than to write about something he has genuine enthusiasm for, and an article about Mike would be the perfect opportunity to show you that I can occasionally be a nice manny.

In turn, he’s heard my silent plea… and whipped out General Patton.

Yup. Mr Patton brandished his tomahawk on stage at a Faith No More show in Brisbane at the Soundwave festival, waving it in front of a video camera, to the delight of many. Or no one. Who knows. Anyway, all I know is that it’s made me love the guy even more. He truly is peerless. Imagine if Chester Bennington did it at a Linkin Park show. Can you do that? No of course you can’t, because he’s got the charisma of a comedy sock. Patton though, he’s a proper maverick.

See the whole tawdry affair here at the PRP. NSFW. OBV. PMT. TTFN.


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