Fear Factory- Mechanize


By Daniel Cairns

Right, I suppose I’d better admit that Mechanize is good. Not as stunning as some reviewing people would have you think, but good enough to help you forgive them for the fact that at the turn of the century they were a heady amalgamation of Phillip K Dick, KoRn and Vanilla Ice. Dammit, Digimortal was fucking shit. Burton C Bell rapped for fucks sake. That’s like Glen Benton beatboxing or something.

Almost ten years and two more shonky albums later though, Mechanize heralds a return to form. They sound like the band that did Demanufacture again. The first time Mechanize kicks in it’s actually amazing. It’s the pummelling, bastard vicious Fear Factory of yore. The heavier bits are heavier than before and the melodic bits aren’t shit. It’s a marvel the first time you hear it. The title track is astounding, and songs like Controlled Demolition show that Burton can still actually sing quite well when he’s not doing his Justin Broadrick thing. After your first listen you’ll think it’s really incredible.

Then sobriety kicks in. The second or third listen through, you realise it’s not as amazing as you first figured, and that you’re just surprised the band have done something that isn’t cum-soaked balls. The bits that sounded brilliant first time around don’t sound so good, and you get bored half way through the record, turn it off and listen to something else that’s a bit less unremarkable.

And some of it is dull. But if the worst thing you can say about a new Fear Factory album is that it gets a bit dull,then there’s clearly been a Lazarus style resurgence. That a band, after 12 years of making an industrial sized balls of it, can return sounding pretty good again, is a bit of a miracle.

Soooo yup. It’s a solid 7/10. It’s higher score though if you look at it nostalgically, from when you used to nip down t’pit, hovis in hand, with Pisschrist on t’wireless.


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  1. I wasn’t even aware until now that they had a new album put. That’s how little I cared about FF up to this point. I pretty much lost interest in them after Obsolete. But anyway, I’m listening to the new album now via youtube. And its not bad. Not awesome like I regard Demanufacture to be, but definitely a vast improvement on their previous 3 albums. Having Hoglan on drums is great. FF is a pretty fitting band for him to end up in.
    But yeah, I don’t think Mechanize is going to do fantabulous things for my personal music sphere.

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