Dillinger Escape Plan done a video.

By Andi Hamilton

We do love Dillinger Escape Plan around these parts. I’ve been a believer since I woke up in a field with a  brutal hangover once upon a Reading Festival and the first thing I was confronted with was their noisy spazzcore cutting straight through my headache. The fact that frontman Greg Puciato proceeded to take a shit in a carrier bag and compare it to Puddle of Mudd, who would be taking to the stage a few hours later, was the brown icing on the turd cake. He was right, too.

What a fucking morning.

With new album Option Paralysis just around the corner (and Paul reviewed it here) it is par the course for a band to release their first promotional video. It is fairly standard stuff – just a bunch of dudes playing a song in a room with a few filters on the camera – but if the song is anything to go by, the album is going to be a beast.



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