God of War 3- Electric Booga… fuck, doesn’t work.

By Andi Hamilton

Forget Brutal Legend, the most METAL game series of all has its latest installment released on Friday, and it is my duty to ensure you all get involved.

Kratos, protagonist of Sony’s God of War series is an angry, angry man. Instead of managing these clear issues, or weeping alone in a dark room, carving the name of his deceased wife into his arms, he took it upon himself to kill Zeus, the God of Gods, as well as pretty much everything that gets between him and his goal. He fights and fucks his way through the games. He is MAN. He is violence personified.

Lucky for us, then, that this rampage across Ancient Greece has also turned up two (soon to be three) marvellous videogames for us to play. You’ve got intense combat built around a system of spotting when an enemy is about to attack and dodging accordingly, some devious puzzles and it is all wrapped up in one of the best looking graphical displays on its chosen console.

So, if you’re not au fait with the God of War games, here’s a quick taster of some of Kratos’ previous antics to whet your appetite for Friday, and the arrival of… fanfare… GOD OF WAR 3.

AND, as if you needed convincing that the new game was going to keep up this trend…

Fuck. Yes.

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