We’re Unloveable

By Daniel Cairns

Time for a non metal post methinks. It can’t be bearded men singing about bumming and killing all the time. Lordy, if the world were like that it’d be horrendous. And the women would look like trolls. Mostly.

So without further ado… Babybird. Babybird are (or is, considering, it’s the alias of Stephen Jones) magnificent. If you don’t know him, he had a song called You’re Gorgeous millions of years ago which was a big hit and Chris Evans latched onto it and a million fucking morons in Ford Mondeos latched onto it too and it became something of an anthem, and it was used in a million witless soap operas during romantic scenes, even though a close reading of the lyrics reveal that it’s an absolutely bloody filthy song (takes breath).

Anyhoo, what people don’t know is that he’d been making music for years before that piece of shit song. Sad, strange beautiful music, that was as melancholy as it was catchy. Like the song below from his new CD Ex Maniac.

It’s lovely. And as far away from You’re Gorgeous as you could possibly get. Oh and Johnny Depp directed the excellently dour video. See?

It’s nice to see him doing something without Tim Burton and his mad wife stinking the place up.

Most of us really like this here at DP, because we’re all sensitive middle class tossers at heart, and our love of metal is nought but a ruse to detract from the fact we’re all utterly terrified white boys.

We’ll be reviewing the album soon. It’s getting ten out of ten anyway.



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