Daughters- S/T

(Hydrahead Records)

By Daniel Cairns

This came out the same day as Burzum’s Belus I think. That album is close to an hour. That’s an hour of shittily produced, outdated pagan balls. This album on the other hand is half an hour. That’s half an hour of insanely loud, fun scuzzy noise metal. You lot work it out.

Seriously, it’s no secret that I’m more into my noise rock generally, but this Daughters record makes most metal sound so fucking boring it’s not funny. It’s relentless. Great big mad drums, overwhelming squealy guitars, electronic bits and a singer who sounds like Nick Cave. It’s a little reminiscent of Lightning Bolt and Blood Brothers, but without the overlong noodly bits of the former or the annoying chipmunk vocals of the latter.

It’s very different from past material. Canada Songs was a batshit insane grind album that was over quicker than an angry wank. Even then though, Daughters had a bit of spike about them that their peers couldn’t even begin to fathom. They’ve only gone and fucking blown up on this album and added actual tunes to the mix. It’s good that decent bands like Daughters don’t rely on regurgitating the same style over and over (hello Killswitch Engage!).

I would go into specifics about individual songs, but I’m listening to the album on my ipod, and I can’t be scuttered fiddling with the stupid dial. I’d look on itunes too, but itunes is a broken piece of shit and takes about seven hours to load up on my AIDS ridden piece of shit laptop. And the hinge is broken too. I hate my life. Well done Apple.

Basically, you know how 2009 was a pretty incredible year for music? Well, this Daughters album kind of takes a poop on most of the stuff I thought was amazing last year. It’s taken the influences of all the 80’s stuff I love (Big Black, Pixies, Butthole Surfers, the aforementioned Jesus Lizard and Bros) and runs a mile with it. You could listen to this twice in the time it takes you to listen to Crack the Skye, and you’d actually have fun too!




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