65 days of Static X (Joke!)

By Andi Hamilton

We don’t really review singles here, so I’m going to use the fact that Sheffield noiseniks extraordinaire 65daysofstatic have put out a Japan-only single off their forthcoming forth album – We Were Exploding Anyway – as an excuse to tell you all how bloody brilliant they are.

Most post-rock is stale these days. You had Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor carve out a sound and every awful art student who didn’t want to form an indie band decided to follow that formula. 65daysofstatic bring a little bit of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and even straight up dance music to the peaks and troughs that make up most modern post-rock, and it is brilliant.

Since their last release, the criminally overlooked The Destruction of Small Ideals, the boys in the 65 camp have started to take things in a much more electronic direction, without losing the – and I hate to use such a fucking cliche – “epic” sound that made them so essential in the first place. Plus, I’m pretty sure they all have beards, and that always means a band are worth a listen.

So yeah, check out Weak4 before the album hits on April 28th. As mentioned, you can only get the fucking thing in Japan so you internet savvy folk can feel a little less guilty if you have to steal it. It is on the youtube, anyway. Not that we condone that sort of thing over here at Demon Pigeon, obviously.

They’re touring soon, too, so catch them at one of these dates and have your trousers blown well and truly into orbit. It still baffles me that, being this good and a British band, the music press aren’t sucking them off somewhat chronic. We’re happy to oblige here.

See, had to talk about blowjobs or some other shit eventually. That was almost a serious appraisal of a band, for a minute.


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