We Get Wet! We Get Wet! (repeat ad nauseum)

By Andi Hamilton

The insane genius behind our BEST ALBUM OF THE DECADE, Andrew WK, has a double album out today, and you all better have gone out of your way to pick up a copy. It is the combined package of the previously Japan-only Close Calls With Brick Walls album and the new Mother Of  All Mankind, which is a bunch of b-sides and rarities. Some of it sounds like classic Andrew WK party-metal, some of sounds like Barry fucking Manilow.

It all, somehow, sounds amazing. The man can do no wrong. Well, other than convince people to stop talking tedious rubbish about his career, but hey, no one is perfect.

Almost all of these songs will be a celebration of doing something awesome, like taking drugs, killing something or fucking. It is the Andrew WK guarantee.

Need some proof?

And there you have it. More fun than all those Bullet For My Valentine records you’re all fucking boring me to big, fat, salty tears with. Hell, its more fun than a drug-fuelled, booze-soaked, all-oral orgy with the members of Girls Aloud. We will review it at some point this week, when one of us can be bothered to do something other than sit around in our underpants playing videogames.


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