Interview – Charger

By Daniel Cairns

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you don’t like Charger, you are probably a dick. They’ve been making a fucking racket for over ten years, and are better than ever. I’ve liked them for that long as well, as I bought their Fuzzbastard EP for a pound at the same time I bought the second Muse album. Seriously. Also, I can’t stand Muse now, so Charger have won.

In light of their new EP Disgust at the Status Quo, I used my considerable journalistic clout (hahaha) to get an interview with them. I’ve no idea which member answered. It could have been Jay. It’s more fun to guess though.

I saw you at Damnation where you tore shit up good and proper. Who was the singer? Was it just a temporary thing or have you found your man?

His name is Chris, and he is a friend of ours, and he tour managed us once. The vocals were split between Dan and Paul. With Paul leaving to go live in Spain we needed some help on that front. Since then we have been jamming with just Dan singing and it works great dude, shoutier with more audible words.

Why can’t you keep hold of your vocalists? Are you looking for a new one? If so I have a 7 octave vocal range.

Tim left because he was bored of the whole thing and Martin lived too far away to make it work. You know as a band you have to gel as a unit, and Martin couldn’t see that coming to practice was essential. Dan does it all now and it gives us a slightly different edge, you know man? Shouting but with good phrasing. We don’t want 100% screaming all the time now.

Your new EP is probably the most immediate thing you’ve done (in a good way). Did you intentionally write shorter songs, or did they just come out that way?

We didn’t plan it that way. We just wrote riffs that we though were cool, and right now we don’t have any interest in playing the same slow riff forever and ever. We write stuff that puts a smile on our face.

4.    It’s called Disgust at the Status Quo. My parents saw them last month. They’re really shit aren’t they? Also what was the idea behind the title?

We love 1970’s era Quo! The stuff they did back them was real heavy boogie shuffle. Man back then the Quo were like nasty blokes high on coke 24-7 head to toe in Denim. Charger wanna be them at that time with all the page 3 chicks and fast cars haha! The title is basically that the music scene is full of scarf wearing fags with nothing fresh to offer and that the government is week as piss, punishing the working man who puts in 40 plus hours a week. We live in a pathetic nanny state and some of the music is as diluted.

5.    Will there be any work on a new full length soon? Will there be more nudey women on the cover like with ‘Spill Your Guts?’ These things are important to some.

We have one new song already but we need to iron it out some before we play it live. We have some shows soon so the priority is to make sure we can pull off a killer set with just one guy on vocals. We haven’t thought about art yet.

6.    I don’t mean to make you feel old, but Charger are probably the longest lasting UK metal band I can think of. Lots of people I’d have considered your brit-metal contemporaries (SiKTh, Raging Speedhorn, Miocene, Earthtone9) have gone and in their wake lie loads of bands much less talented (not naming any names). Do you mourn lost comrades and wish for the days when bands like the aforementioned were being widely featured, and not Bullet for my pissing Valentine?

Its funny, because we used to play with bands that we had little in common with as well as those you mentioned. There was Vacant Stare, Brutal Deluxe, Breed 77 etc etc. I don’t know what happend to any of those guys. It’s cool when you play with a band you think are great though. Black Eye Riot were our favourites to play with but as long as we have a blast it’s all cool. I like to do shows with Orange Goblin as we have some similar tastes in music and other area. We don’t feel old but I’m 33. Dan and Jez are older than me, but it’s just numbers.

7. On the same note, I got into the band around the same time the guy from Amen was pimping you around. Do you still keep in touch with him, or any old tourmates for that matter?

Last I heard Casey was in hospital. I still keep in touch with Stu from BER. He’s a good buddy. I went to his wedding and it was a riot, Also I still speak with Steve from Today is the Day. When we toured with them I really got along with him he likes country music, trucks and guns. He’s a real American who loves his family, as I do mine.

8. You have a penchant for coming up with excellent song titles (God Made us in the Image of his Ass was my msn name for about a year). Have you got anymore of similar ilk lined up?

Ass to Mouth, Hammer Fight In a Skip, Pissing in Action.

9. Will you be playing lots of lives show this year? Who would your ideal tourmates be?

We hope to tour with anyone brave enough to take us out on the road, personally Weedeater or Hank III.

10. Final question, which I’m going to ask every band… If you could blow up one person on the planet, who would it be? (I don’t count)

All of parliament and people who hurt dogs. Same thing really.

Ta! Is there anything you’d like to say to our myriad readers?

Thanks, come see us live bring us money pills and powder.

And there you have it! Lovely boys. Disgust at the Status Quo is out now, and well worth the five pounds you’d otherwise spend on McDonalds or smut.


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  1. Awesome interview – brought back memories of forgotten bands, too! I had Vacant Stare’s ‘Vindication’ album, was really into it too! Miocene were ace as well – I once moshed so hard to one of their tracks at a rock night I was DJing that I puked a little, then carried right on! Brutal Deluxe, too – I had their Divine Head album – some pretty nifty tunes, and it doesn’t hurt that they were named after the team from the Speedball games. 😀

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