An event so momentous the world shall stand still.

by Paul Stephenson

Ladies and gentlemen something of such grand magnificence as to be utterly unparalleled in my lifetime has just occurred.  A matter of high import that it would rank alongside a newly discovered collaboration album between the Beatles and Elvis, where they set down previously lost works of Mozart set to the also lost words of William Shakespeare.  Or, to put it another way, an event even more important than finding out that Devin Townsend has decided to stop fucking about and make another Strapping Young Lad album.

‘But what’, I hear you cry dimly into the night sky, ‘may such an event be, oh Internet sage?’ Well, prepare to bow to your knees and state your unworthiness, because here is….

A snippet of a new Limp Bizkit song, shot at the mixing desk by the overlord of red caps himself!  You see, that wasn’t in any way disappointing at all, was it?

Gasp at the sheer musical dexterity on display!  Marvel at the lyrical prowess! Be completely unsurprised that this seemingly unkillable fashion trend of a band have not matured or altered their sound one iota in over a decade!  Yes, the man in the red cap that is in no way worn to distract people from the fact that he is going bald (must be something about your ‘kooky generation’ eh Fred?) has once again pulled out such golden nuggets of lyrical flow as ‘Let’s rock this shit’ and something about jumping out of cockpits, while Wes Borland cranks out another hackneyed two note riff and John Otto is presumably taking it to the Matthews Bridge.

I can’t wait for the album.



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