The Mustaine Report – Part 2

By Andi Hamilton

So, our favourite Megadeth frontman is back on the radar again after the Rust in Peace tour has finished, and man, is he better than ever.

If he isn’t turning up at award ceremonies, acting in a manner that many drunkards would wake up the following morning ashamed of, nevermind a man who is teetotal, then he is appearing in utterly batshit music videos.

I’m not sure what is going on in this video. It has a disclaimer at the beginning, stating that it is based on true events or some shit. I don’t know, it is late and I’m not rewinding it. Homeboy then gets in a tank and starts to wreck shit all over the place, like he’d just been informed that Lars Ulrich is being given the distribution rights to the Megadeth back catalogue. It is terrifying. I mean, imagine if Chris Benoit had access to a tank? He may have never been stopped. Anyway, there is probably some social commentary in here somewhere, about how day to day life is and that we should all just one day tank the FUCK out of everything in sight. Eventually, the feds catch up with him and pop a bullet into that delightful fringe of his, putting an end to his reign of chaos. Absolutely fucking mental.

We all know that Mustaine, as bitterness incarnate, could probably go at any moment. Another heated argument with Lars? Being rejected for the Hall of Fame he swore to be in? If so, what is this? A kick-ass music video or a terrifying view into the future? YOU DECIDE.


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