Video Frenzy

One important thing to remember when you are running a blog.  If you run out of things to post, you can always rely on the age old ‘stick up a couple of videos’ post, which should get you out of jail for a couple of days.  So without further ado:

New Hatebreed video!

I love the way Hatebreed’s song titles are always four syllables long, so that Jamey Jasta can do that thing where he shouts the song title somewhere in the song over the always 4/4 beat. Honestly, his band have managed to turn into a parody of themselves without changing a single thing about their music. It’s extraordinary.  If anyone genuinely listens to Hatebreed without giggling like an infant then I fear for them. Wooaargh, beatdown!

Norma Jean album trailer!

Yes everyone’s favourite uber Christian Dillinger wannabes are back, and by the sounds of it they’ve been listening to a lot of Mastodon in between praying to their benevolent zombie. I don’t think they’ve done anything truly great since their first album, but that album is so good that I still check out every new album they do, just to see if they’ve gotten good again. On the evidence here, the jury is out.

New Slayer video!

Slayer have a new video up for ‘Beauty Through Order’ but for some reason they’ve disabled embedding, so you will actually have to leave this page if you want to see it.  For that reason alone I nearly left it off this list, but fuck it, it’s Slayer. Go here to see it, it has a woman in tar in it for some reason, and it makes her look like the Alien Queen in Aliens. The video doesn’t have any views of Tom Araya headbanging, so the chances are that we’ll never see that again. Oh, and there’s some fire at the end, coz you know, it’s Slayer.

New Sick Of It All Video!

This video is excellent, mainly because it starts off with the band standing around after a gig, seemingly without having aged at all over the last decade when oh noes! It’s the cops! And then, simply because they’re sooo fucking hardcore, the cops have them against the wall, and one cop tells them that ‘This isn’t fucking New York, we fucking hit people here.‘  And then it goes into a song that is exactly like every other SOIA song you’ve ever heard, and every other hardcore video you’ve ever seen.  But complaining about that is like complaining about Megan Fox’s gammy toe.  She’s still really hot, what are you looking at her toes for? But anyway the song is called ‘Death or Jail’, because obviously being in a successful hardcore band means you are often only left with those two options.



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