The Abominable Iron Sloth- The Id Will Overcome

(Blackmarket Activities/ Metal Blade)

With most albums I write twaddle about I’m able to keep fairly level headed. I seriously don’t love that much, and anything I do fall in love with, I either really love it or get bored with it. I love Agorapocalypse by Agoraphobic Nosebleed. I love Ex Maniac by Babybird. Unconditionally. Still do. I loved Crack the Skye by Mastodon, but that stopped when halfway through Ghost of Karelia I got bored and started diddling my winky. See? I’m a fickle bugger.

Anyhoo I was worried I would fall quickly out of love with The Id Will Overcome, the new album from The Abominable Iron Sloth, but alas that hasn’t happened. I’m still listening to it religiously after I was sent it. Legally I might add, as the promo man deemed me important enough to get a copy. So neeeeeer.

Yes it’s anooooother album of the year jobby. AGAIN.

However, it very nearly wasn’t. After a bank crippling tour and some personal brou-ha the brains behind the operation, Justin Godfrey called it a day. Seriously, he had to sell his guitar to get back home from a tour. Justin saw sense though, and the Sloth returned, asking for fan donations (13 pounds of my own money went towards it I will happily admit) to complete their album. Three long years later… it’s done! And I don’t have to claim my money back, that I probably earned by folding clothes for some little non educated delinquent in Primark in Stirling.

The Id Will Overcome is heavy. Chris Farley riding a brontosaurus heavy. It’s probably heavier than the self titled album they released in 2006, and that was already ridiculous. The difference is that The Id… hangs together an assload better as an album, whereas their debut just felt like a collection of songs thrown together.

You will like this album if you like Eyehategod. You will like this album if you ever liked Will Haven. I’ll also hazard a guess that if you liked some of the rougher stuff on Nirvana’s In Utero you will like this album. It’s so bloody raw and vicious. And to the point. One thing I hate about loads of sludgy bands is their tendency to write songs that go on for aaaages. Abominable Iron Sloth don’t do that. Abominable Iron Sloth songs are short sharp bursts of aggro. Needless to say I’m smitten.

It’s pretty hard for me to be negative at all about this album, as The Abominable Iron Sloth basically make the kind of music I’d ideally like to be making if I wasn’t such an awkward retard. They could have ditched the 14 minute white noise track but I dunno, maybe there’s some concept around it. Doesn’t matter. The actual tunes are mega, heavy enough for metal people to go ‘uuuurgh yaaaaargh’, but also arty enough for ponces like me to go ‘oooooooh.’

Best album.



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