Bring More Bullets

I wasn’t going to bother writing anything today because I’m not sure it’s my day. You see, there have been rudimentary attempts to make sure we have at least one post a day on dp, so we’ve been allocated days per week to do shit. You know, Noel does Monday, I do Tuesday, Andi does Wednesday (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!) etc etc. I’m pretty sure it’s Paul’s day or something. Fuck, I dunno.

Anyway look at this fucking game.

I am in love. The fact that there’s a Nine Inch Nails song over the trailer only made me love it even more. It just looks so beautifully dumb and violent. Then again it’s the man who did Gears of War with the people who did Painkiller so it wasn’t going to be Shadow of the Colossus was it?

I think I’m a little bit in love with Gears of War man Cliff BlesiBliesicBlerziCliff.

Bulletstorm is out… fuck I don’t know when it is out all I know is that I want it.


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