So my alarm goes off at ridiculous o clock this morning, I stumble downstairs in search of nutrition and find this message from Ipecac in my inbox, under the heading ‘Farewell from ISIS‘:

“ISIS has reached an end. It’s hard to try to say it in any delicate way, and it is a truth that is best spoken plainly. This end isn’t something that occurred over night and it hasn’t been brought about by a single cataclysmic fracture in the band. Simply put, ISIS has done everything we wanted to do, said everything we wanted to say. In the interest of preserving the love we have of this band, for each other, for the music made and for all the people who have continually supported us, it is time to bring it to a close. We’ve seen too many bands push past the point of a dignified death and we all promised one another early on in the life of the band that we would do our best to ensure ISIS would never fall victim to that syndrome. We’ve had a much longer run than we ever expected we would and accomplished a great deal more than we ever imagined possible. We never set any specific goals when the band was founded other than to make the music we wanted to hear and to play (and to stay true to that ideal), so everything else that has come along the long and winding path has been an absolute gift. As with any momentous life-changing decision (which this certainly is for the 5 of us), we feel a very dynamic range of emotions about this and cannot express all of it within the space of a few sentences, and perhaps it’s best to do what we’ve always done and let our music speak for us. It is and has been the truest expression of who we are as a collective and in some ways who we are as individuals for the 13 years in which we’ve been together. The last and perhaps most important thing we might say in relation to all this is how grateful we are for the people that have supported us over the years. It is a lengthy list that would include those who put out our records, those that played on them and put them to tape, the many bands with whom we shared the stage, all of our family, friends and companions who supported us in our individual lives and thus made it possible for us to continue on in the band, and most importantly those who truly listened to our music whether in recorded form or by coming to out to our shows (or both). It is quite true that we would never have done what we have without those people, that is many of you who are reading this. Our words can never fully express what we feel, but we hope that our music and the efforts made to bring it into being can serve as a more proper expression of gratitude for this life and for everyone in it. Thank you.

In more immediate and practical terms the tour we are about to embark upon is indeed our last. We are hoping that these final live rituals can help us bring a close to the life of this band in a celebratory and reverent way, and also provide us with a chance to say goodbye to many of those that have supported us over the years. While there is a measure of sadness that comes with the passing of this band, we hope that the final days can be joyous ones during which any and all that wish to come and join us will do so. It seems fitting that the last show of the tour and of our active existence will take place in Montreal, the site of the very first ISIS show in 1997 (though that was an unintentional move when booking the show initially). After the tour we also plan to follow through with other projects set in motion some time ago – pursuing the completion of a final EP, compiling live audio and visual material for future releases, and generally doing whatever we can to make our music available for as long as there are people who wish to hear it.

Thanks again to any and all,

ISIS, May 18 2010”

Simply put, I’m gutted, as this now means I will never get to see them live. I once passed up on the opportunity to see them in a tiny venue in Middlesbrough, for reasons that I’m sure seemed important at the time.  Mike Patton and Greg Werckman (Ipecac‘s founders) have put out a short statement as well:

“It has been a complete honor to be a part of the ISIS team. ISIS is a major part of our label’s foundation. Those 5 talented guys are our friends and we look forward to see and hear what they each do in the future.”

Now I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like ‘We’re just as gutted and surprised as you.’ ISIS have a few more dates before they call it quits, so if you can make it to any of these, well them you are a lucky motherfucker, and I hate you.

May 26 2010 6:00: The Casbah w/ Jakob & Tombs San Diego, California, US

May 29 2010 6:00: Wow Hall w/ Jakob & Tombs Eugene, Oregon , US

May 30 2010 7:30: Capitol Theatre w/ Jakob & Tombs Olympia, WA

May 31 2010 6:00: Rickshaw Theatre w/ Jakob & Tombs Vancouver, British Co, CA

Jun 1 2010 6:00: Neumo’s w/ Jakob & Tombs Seattle, Washington, US

Jun 2 2010 6:00: Doug Fir Lounge w/ Jakob & Tombs Portland, Oregon , US

Jun 4 2010 6:00: Great American Music Hall w/ Jakob & Tombs San Francisco, California, US

Jun 5 2010 6:00: The Troubadour w/ Jakob & Tombs Los Angeles, California, US

Jun 12 2010 6:00: Bonnaroo Festival W/ Clutch, Melvins, Flaming Lips, etc. Manchester, Tennessee , US

Jun 14 2010 6:00: 40 Watt Club w/ Melvins Athens, Georgia , US

Jun 16 2010 6:00: 9:30 Club w/Melvins Washington, Washington, US

Jun 17 2010 6:00: Theater Of Living Arts (TLA) w/ Melvins Philadelphia, Pennsylvan, US

Jun 18 2010 6:00: Webster Hall w/ Melvins New York, New York , US

Jun 19 2010 6:00: Music Hall Of Williamsburg w/ Melvins Brooklyn, New York , US

Jun 20 2010 6:00: Paradise Rock Club w/ Melvins Boston, Massachuse, US

Jun 21 2010 6:00: Paradise Rock Club w/ Melvins Boston, Massachuse, US

Jun 22 2010 6:00: Port City Music Hall w/ Cave In Portland, Maine , US

Jun 23 2010 6:00: Club Soda w/ Cave In Montreal, Quebec , CA

Farewell, you magnificent bastards.



  1. That makes me very very sad indeed.
    I had the chance to see them a couple of years ago in Sheffield, and didn’t, went to see Biffy Clyro instead (in my defence, before they turned into a steaming pile of turd). Last gig with Cave In too… Very sad. Putting Oceanic on now.

  2. Yeah this, this, this is not good. I saw them live twice, they always brought that special something that kept everyone in some kind of a trance. Very good live band, very good band in general.

    But yeah, better like this then going mediocre I suppose. We do still have Cult Of Luna, so it’s kind of the king is dead, long live the king.

  3. That makes me very very sad indeed.
    I had the chance to see them a couple of years ago in Sheffield, and didn’t, went to see Biffy Clyro instead (in my defence, before they turned into a steaming pile of turd). Last gig with Cave In too… Very sad. Putting Oceanic on now.

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