Streaming (Road)bums

Just so we don’t look like the useless, shiftless, irremediable cretins that we unquestionably are, here’s a transparently lazy update in the hope of staving off a reader exodus to other, frankly inferior destinations, more punctual and committed though they may be. You come here for raw talent, after all, not rigid adherence to things like timekeeping or basic human respect for a fragile and blossoming readership.

Anyway, chances are, you didn’t make it to Roadburn (I did, SMUG). Aside from it selling out in less time than it typically takes Doctor Who to save the fucking universe again, that volcano with the name full of consonants meant that even people who’d got themselves tickets were left furiously cursing and ruing, simultaneously.

But weep no longer, child, for the brilliant and lovely organisers of this bestival have got streams of all the sets, right there on their website! It’s brill.

For now, it’s just a few of the bands, Brant Bjork, Yob, Nachtmystium and Trinacria, among others, but it looks like more will be on the way soon. At the very least you will want to hear Garcia Plays Kyuss. And now I can pretend I actually was at Goatsnake, who were fucking incredible, apparently.

Go and listen, and in the meantime, we might do a proper update soon, if you’re lucky.


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