An Hero

Look at this man.

His name is Glen.

Glen is in a band with these fellows.

I know not his name, but if I’d have to guess, it would be Krom.

The final part of the triumvirate is this fellow. Again I don’t know his name, so I shall dub him Lancelot.

Glen and his comrades are a band. The band. The best band.

Listen to his music.

Glen’s music has been a regular fixture in my life for 3 or 4 years. He is metal personified. Also for the longest time, he didn’t have drums but then he got Rock Band and now he uses the Rock Band drums to fully realise his chimerical visions. The end result is stunning. One listen to Tornado of Flesh should convince you of that.

You doubt he’s the real deal? Read the below statement, taken from his blog…

I have a lot of music I’ve been writing.  A couple projects I wanted to do and get out is the album that was slated for early 07″  “Maximum Brutality”, which is almost turning out like Guns and roses with “Chinese Democracy” which took Axel Rose over 13 years to come out.  The next one is a greatest hits and rare tracks compilation hopefully with a bad lads DVD called “Still Alive?” and lastly the follow up to “Maximum Brutality” called “United We Fall”, based on the millions of shortfalls of the United States and the vialness and corruption of America under the rule of greedy capitalist pigs and how the american people line up and sport the flag in support of the very government and corporations fucking them in the ass.

If only every person had such unwavering, juggernaut-unstoppable self belief.

Glen… We salute the hell out of you.


Glen is not only a master musician… he’s a director and writer too! Here’s a clip from his movie… Biohazard Dawn.

Forget Danny DeVito… Glen is THE Renaissance man.

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