Deftones- Diamond Eyes

(Reprise Records/WMG)

Because it’s too hot and my brain turns to mush in temperatures like this, I’m going to get to the point. Diamond Eyes is mega, and the first consistently good Deftones album since White Pony was released over 9000 years ago, and I was studying for GCSE’s and my sexual obsession with dinosaurs hadn’t held full sway yet.

The best thing about Diamond Eyes is the absolute lack of filler. It’s all killer. It’s like the name of that Sum 41 album. You know… Chuck. The last couple of Deftones albums had lots to recommend them, but there were some right shonky bits on them. The self titled had lots of lazy, ineffectual bits that tried to capture the heavy bits of Around The Fur but were ultimately too bloated and laboured to do so, and Saturday Night Wrist was like a prog journey up Chino Moreno‘s arse. And it was massive at the time.

However! Chino’s shed some pounds, and so have the band. This is the the sprightliest and most instinctive they’ve sounded since Around The Fur. It’s 40 minutes of the best pop metal, with great big chorus’s and enormous feck off guitars and Chino’s best vocals… ever probably. Seriously, he was hideously out of tune on the self titled, and sounded autotuned to buggery on SNW, but on Diamond Eyes he’s flawless.

Best songs? Well being an absolute bender for Will Haven, the second track Royal gave me a boner. CNTRL/CMND is also FKN/GRT, and if you don’t like Rocket Skates you’re an idiot. The more sedate songs sound excellently romantic and windswept too, with Sextape and 976-EVIL proving absolutely perfect for ‘entertaining.’ Which in my case means wanking.

Basically, since I’ve had Diamond Eyes I’ve probably listened to it more than the rest of their post 2000 output combined. That’s a lot. It’s not quite as good as their best (which is Around The Fur, and if anyone says White Pony they’re a lying bastard) but that it manages to come close to evoking the best heavy album ever (I went there) is excellent.

That there’s another album stashed away called Eros (that was abandoned because of what happened to Chi Cheng) is exciting, as judging by Diamond Eyes they got their groove on again, but even if it’s ages before it’s released, Diamond Eyes will happily do absolutely eeeeeeveryone for now.

Diamond Ayeeeeeeee.




  1. hahaha I pissed myself laughing when I saw that O RLY cover

    Nice short review though, absolute lack of filler. It’s all killer. It’s like the name of that Sum 41 album. Wow déjà vu.

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