CD Review: MC Frontalot – Zero Day

Sometimes we here at Demon Pigeon review things that wouldn’t necessarily be the cup of tea of all of our readers. Most of the time we will use our considerable talents with ‘the words’ to convince people that we are right to bring these things to the attention of you, the reader. But then sometimes, that may not be the right approach. Some things might not be to everyone’s tastes. This album, which I think is bewilderingly good, will make roughly all of you want to throw things at me. So instead, here are some questions that should guide you nicely to making the decision as to whether to buy this album. If you answer no to any of these questions, please go and get something else.

1. Do you like hip-hop?

2. But do you think that by and large hip hop is a tired and bloated corpse of a musical genre, populated only by those who seem to think that we are interested in how much money and ‘pussy’ they have?

3. Does your white-boy middle class guilt really make you uncomfortable with the anti-intellectual bent to most hip-hop lyrics?

4. Do you think that it’s a shame that hip hop seems to hate women and ‘the gays?’

5. Do you miss the time when you were growing up when hip-hop seemed to have a pretty healthy sense of humour?

6. Do you read webcomics?

7. Do you have a pretty unhealthy attachment to geek culture?

8. Do you spend more time talking to your ‘online friends’ than your real life friends?

9. Have you got a twitter account?

10. Are you a white male?

11. Do you think that Wil Wheaton is cooler now than he was when he was on Star Trek:TNG?

12. But do you also think that playing one of the main cast of Star Trek: TNG is pretty fucking cool?

13. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory?

14. Do you kind of wish that your life was a bit like the cast of The Big Bang Theory?

15. Now that you think about it, isn’t your life a little bit like The Big Bang Theory? You know, aside from the whole bit about being really really clever and being able to sleep with the blonde girl from 8 Simple Rules?

16. Do you think that religion is a fools errand?

17. But do you think that if there were a deity, then the existence of Summer Glau is a pretty convincing argument?

18. Do you think that Felicia Day is essentially the perfect girlfriend template?

19. Do you play more computer games than is strictly necessary?

20. Do you think that it would be a good idea to have lists define your life’s general direction?

21. Do you have at least one t-shirt that has a Star Wars character on it?

22. Would you be intrigued by the notion of hip hop that talks about computer games, Wil Wheaton, science and other extremely geeky things?

23. Do you think that the production of most hip hop albums these days could do with a decent ladling of old school computer game sound effects?

24. Do you think the prospect of a hugely talented rapper who raps about big issues but has the sense of humour of a South Park staff writer would be of interest to you?

25. Did you make it to the end of the list without getting bored, and also find yourself answering yes to every single question?

Well then congratulations, you have just determined that you need to buy this album. It is essentially an extremely good old school hip-hop made by a big geek, who also happens to have a great sense of how to write a tune. It’s his fourth album, and continues the upward trajectory of quality that his previous efforts set forth. If this all sounds like you might just like it, then I can pretty much assure that you will. And that’s about all the guidance I can give. Oh, or you could just ignore all of the above, click on the video below and make your own mind up.

Nerdcore ho! 9/10



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