Touch me I’m old.

In the latest in the series of ‘looking every inch our age by constantly talking about bands from the 90’s who are now old and bloated and nowhere near as good as they used to be, but we’ll still talk about them in hushed revered tones and believe they should still be treated with the undying respect they so obviously deserve just because we spent our wasted youth listening to them when we should have been doing something more constructive with our lives, and that’s how we’ve all ended up blogging on a stupid webzine rather than earning decent money doing pretty much anything else’ posts, Mudhoney are set to tour the UK and Irelend! Exciting, eh?

For those of you who don’t know who Mudhoney are, please, for the love of Dawkins go and get a proper job. But before you do, go and check out Mudhoney live, if for no other reason than to see poeple who must now be in their 40’s struggle to play some excellent punk/grunge.

Dates are:

30-Sept Cork Cyrus Avenue

01-Oct Dublin Button Factory

02-Oct Galway Roisin Dub

03-Oct Belfast Limelight

04-Oct Newcastle Northumbira Uni

05-Oct Brighton Concorde 2

06-Oct London Electric Ballroom

07-Oct Leeds Uni Stylus

08-Oct Aberdeen Tunnels

09-Oct Glasgow Arches

Tickets for the shows are available now via all the usual outlets.


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