Luke Elliott- Open Ear! What Hear?

(Self released)

This is going to be an odd one to review, because there is no way I can’t be biased. You see, Luke Elliott (spelled with two t’s) is an acquaintance. The album also opens with a sample from Sean Bell, who we know too. There’s also a song called The Archbish’ which I’m pretty sure comes from ANOTHER guy we know, and the artwork was done by another guy called David who alsoh you get the point.  All we need is a spoken word interlude from NEG and it’ll be 2005 all over again. Voccle.

Obscure in-jokes aside, this album is genuinely excellent, and nooo not just because I know him. I hate Luke anyway because he’s a talented bastard. It’s largely instrumental apart from the odd bit where Luke sings quietly, and it’s hideously dynamic. Open Ear! What Hear? is a quirky, very British mix of Indie, Pysychedelia and Electronica that’s as engaging as it is varied.

The record is stuffed with highlights, that almost detract from the fact that I really hate Luke Elliott. Illuminati sounds like Flaming Lips monging about with the soundtrack to Goldeneye, whilst The Archbish‘ channels Souljacker era Eels with bluesy riffs and a giant fuzzy guitar sound.

The centrepiece of the record though is The Queue a 12 minute epic that’s almost a bit Nine Inch Nails, but I don’t know if he likes Nine Inch Nails, so he’ll probably delete me off msn for saying that. It’s good though, with creepy crackly electronic bits, before the ominous clean guitar slowly creeps in, and then it all goes a bit er… Jeff Wayne actually. You could imagine Richard Burton‘s thunderous tones booming apocalyptically about how Martians were flummoxed by the British tradition of queueing, and it got them so flustered that their immune system failed and they died, and then Tom Cruise got all the credit.

Anyway, it keeps building and building and getting more dramatic, before the David Bowie-ish I Am But A Hack finishes off the record.

Even if I wasn’t personally aware of how Luke chooses to spend his fetid existence, I would like this record. It mixes lots of influences from bands I like, but doesn’t shamelessly pilfer.

He loses points though for not including a cover version of David Homfray‘s Badass Bonfire song as a bonus track.

13 insane Garrods out of an ingested Bollard.


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