Everybody loves a freebie

Normally we tend to ignore the massive influx that spews into our inboxes from record companies and PR types, since they have a tendency to be utterly wrong for us, or boring, or both. There are a few record companies, however, for whom this is not the case. The benevolent folks over at Hydra Head are such, and so this morning we were very pleased to find that they have been benevolent enough to cast from their lofty thrones a free compilation CD for you lovely readers to download.

Of course, this being a compilation, some of it you will have heard, some of it is unreleased, some of it is not worth hearing (although this is pleasently low as a ratio of the whole). But overall this is a quality release from a company that has more of them to its name that most major labels. So if you fancy yourself a new CD of Oxbow, Knut, Cave In, Torche, Xasthur, Harvey Milk and all the rest of the Hydra Head family, get yourself here and download yourself some free goodness.


1. Oxbow + Philippe Thiphaine – “Coalking” From Songs for the French (5:46)

2. Daughters – “The First Supper” From “s/t” (3:18)

3. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – “Unkerich” From Dolores (5:31)

4. Knut – “Calamity” From Wonder (1:43)

5. The Austerity Program – “Song 27” From Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn (4:04)

6. Pyramids With Nadja – “Another War” From Pyramids With Nadja (15:27)

7. Helms Alee – “Lionize” From Lionize/Truly 7″ (2:45)

8. Hayaino Daisuki – “Ghosts of Purgatory” From The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? (2:43)

9. Harvey Milk – “I Know This Is No Place For You” From A Small Turn of Human Kindness (5:07)

10. La Gritona – “Tony Alamo” From Demasiado Tonto Para Los Ninos Listos. Demasiado Listo Para Los Ninos Tontos (4:38)

11. Stephen Brodsky – “Here In Spirit” From Here’s to the future (5:54)

12. Jodis – “Continents” From Secret House (7:27)

13. Nihill – “Mundus Subterreanus” From Krach (5:16)

14. Cave In – “Retina Sees Rewind” From Planets of Old (2:30)

15. Kayo Dot – “II. Whisper Ineffable” From Coyote (11:13)

16. Keelhaul – “THC for One” from Keelhaul’s Triumphant Return to Obscurity (3:34)

17. Clouds – “New Bombs” From B Chuggas May Be Logging (2:08)

18. Xasthur – “UNTITLED 4/05” From 2005 Demo (7:02)

19. GridLink – “Amber Gray” From Amber Gray (1:06)

20. Greymachine – “Wasted” From Disconnected (8:43)

21. Bergraven – “Hunger” From Till Makabert Vasen (7:08)

22. Torche – “UFO” From Songs For Singles (2:01)


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