Sticking up for the little man part 1.

Here at Demon Pigeon Towers we have a distinct appreciation for the little man, and I don’t mean Andrei Arshavin. While all the mega festivals are omnipresent, taking all of the big bands, all of the publicity and the biggest audiences, there are some quality smaller festivals out there, and we feel it’s our responsibility, nay, our duty to focus on these out-gunned little fellas. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that getting the PR company for Download to take you seriously when you have a name like Demon Pigeon is nigh on impossible, especially when you have a smaller readership than the back of the empty milk carton that sits in my back garden for some reason never making it into the recycle bin.

Running a festival must seem like a thankless task at times, but one imagines that it gets a bit easier when you have a killer line up to announce, which is exactly what Damnation Festival has managed. Now in its sixth year, this Leeds-based festival has had great word of mouth for years, winning awards for their previous shindig, but with their opening two band salvo they managed to get your dear editor as moist as a dewy lawn. First up, they have bagged the live return of one of Britain’s best and conversely least appreciated bands, Earthtone9. having broken up in 2002, there is every chance that the younger of you will have missed them, and if this is the case then get yourself over to where the band have decided to announce their return with a free 16 track best of, which quite frankly has more belting tunes on it than most bands will ever hope to achieve, all wrapped up in a big ball of off-kilter rythyms and the towering monolithic voice of Karl Middleton. I was lucky enough to see them several times the first time round, and unless they have all developed rickets in the off years, their return should prove to defecate loudly over all the other gigs you will see this year.

The second band announced so far is The Dillinger Escape Plan. I don’t think any of our readers will be unfamiliar with my stalking admiration of this band, given that I made their album my album of the decade, spewed forth platitudes in an interview, and then rounded it all off by ejaculating with words over their latest opus. So put them together and you have a rather exciting line up so far. Of course the good people at Damnation could ruin it all by filling up the rest of the line up with the likes of Helloween and Lostprophets. Equally it could go the other way and they could announce the reformation of Kyuss, and an appearance by the benevolent zombie Jesus. But so far, we like what we see, and given that the price is a paltry £30 for the whole day, you could easily argue that they could fill out the line up with Ricky and Bianca from Eastenders reading the works of Tolstoy and it would already be worth the money.

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