Don’s Stiff Willy (Mast o’ Don)

Mastodon are alright, aren’t they.

We’ve been full of admiration for them in the past, chiefly on the basis of their absurd beard/identical twin line-up dynamic. But they’ve done a decent record or two. Trouble is, it’s hard to say with much enthusiasm that Crack the Skye was among them.

It wasn’t bad, was it? But it wasn’t great either. Why? I dunno. I listened to it once or maybe twice and went ‘Hm. Yes.’ and I’ve ignored it ever since, besides the instrumental bonus tracks. What they really need to do, right – and this is officially sanctioned Demon Pigeon iron-clad, atomic clock, bankable advice – is get back to bellowing like they did before. And they have literally every reason in the world to listen to my opinion on their music.

Or maybe they don’t even need to do that. I heard from a friend whose mate told him that the word on the grapevine is that they’ve done some music for the Jonah Hex film, and it is wickid sick an that. Have a listen to it:


I think there might be an EP and that, but I don’t know for sure and I’m too wired to be bothered looking it up. Reportedly, though, the film is bollocks. I have zero intention of ever watching it, so unless one of those other bottom-feeding critics hereabouts decides they fancy a bit of low-hanging fruit, I guess you’ll never know. Not if you don’t read it here. NOT FOR SURE.

Though it’d be a pity if the genuinely best thing Mastodon have done in mammoth’s age gets dragged down into the obscure murk along with the film, wouldn’t it?

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  1. I thought CTS was great til I listened to “SPLLITT YOUR LUNNGS WITH BLOOOD AND THUNNNNDER…” again and remembered THAT was what the Don were capable of. A couple of great tracks on CTS in fairness though…

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