Competition: Win Moor Music Tickets!

Continuing our appreciation for the little man, the smaller festival, the short girls, and tiny midfielders everywhere, Demon Pigeon are please to announce that we’ve joined up with ‘Glastonbury of the North’ (more on that in a minute) the Moor Music Festival, to give away a pair of full weekend tickets to this most excellent of festivals to two of our lucky readers.

For those of you who are unaware of this rather splendid festival, Moor Music is three day and four night spectacular held on a farm in Yorkshire’s Skipton, which has been dubbed by some (generally lazy fuckers) as the Glastonbury of the North. In some ways this is correct. As a wide ranging cultural extravaganza that incorporates art, music, cycle-powered disco’s and slow motion egg fights, it is more than a music festival.

But at the same time unlike Glasto you are not likely to come across Rolf Harris or Muse or the fucking Gorillaz ear-raping all before them with their banal aural monstrosities, and not everyone who attends is a fully paid up member of the iPhone-wielding, monstrously-cutting-edge-haircut-sporting arsehole brigade. Also, you’re singularly unlikely to bump into Reggie Yates, Edith Bowman or any other BBC presenter trying to be so fucking cheerful that you want to rip off your face in despair just to see if it causes them to stop smiling even for an instant.

Instead what you get is a festival you can genuinely take your kids to and not worry about them falling face first into a pit of broken glass, and be relatively sure that no matter which of the many tents you go into you’re going to find something you’ve not heard before, some of which will be inevitably beardsome and obtuse, most of which will be very pleasant, and some of which will be balls out awesome. Also, you get a festival that approaches things like the provision of food and facilities as an integral part of the experience, not something to be crossed off the list at the very end for as cheap as you can possibly manage. Seriously, if you were to compare the food at Moor Music for the sort of bilge you get at the likes of Download, you’d be willing to give the festival a Michelin star.

As for the music itself, as well as the usual array of folkies, DJ’s and the usual sort you get at such a varied festival, there are some quality acts as well. Most notable from this dear writer’s perspective are Leeds based Chickenhawk, who pound out a delightful line of stoner-thrashy stuff and make some of the best lo-fi videos you’ll ever see. Like these two, both of which I like rather a lot.

Not that they’ll be showing the videos live, but they’re an entertaining and splendid band. Also of interest are the likes of Kong (a mix of Shellac and Fugazi according to their bio, which surely means they should have called themselves Shellazi, or Fugac), Tall Ships (who take the math-rock sylings of MTB and Foals and marry it to Explosions in the Sky type shoegazing), Bo Ningen, (who list Melt Banana as an influence and so are doubtless worth a punt), Boss Caine (who do the nu-folk type thing, but are pretty good at it, and I kind of know then, so I have to say they’re good, which they are), Gaia (as stoner and prog as their name suggests) and Tubelord (who walk a nice line between poppy anthems and discordant noisey stuff.)

So anyway, we like the Moor Fest, because it’s a bit different, but it doesn’t just pack the line-up full of indie meanderings, and the food is always much nicer than at the other festivals, and it’s got a lovely vibe. In order to win tickets for you and someone else you quite like, just answer following question:

In Team America: World Police, how does rotund polemicist Michael Moore (see what I did there?) meet his end?

Email your answers to by 31st July 2010, and we will select one winner at random.

If you want more information about Moor Music Festival, visit The festival runs from 12th to the 15th August this year at Heslaker Farm, Skipton, North Yorkshire, and weekend tickets are available at the remarkable price of only £85 for a full camping ticket.


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