Gaslamp Killers

Imagine, if you will, the sound of everything that has ever happened in the past 6000 years being put neatly into a battered, inexplicably rusty and perpetual filing cabinet, this Historical albumen then fed into a blender in alphabetical order, the resulting mixture put inside a dude with the best facial hair since Salvador Dali who is then stored in a dungeon Joe Fritzl would be proud of, like a human cheese until he is forced into the harsh light of day. If the resulting smells, bodily secretions and socially unacceptable thoughts were purified and bottled, the essence of Gaslamp Killers would be produced.

Gaslamp Killers appears to be a dude that resembles a messiah fetishist’s wet dream putting hundreds of sounds together in unexpected but highly effective ways.  Just a ten minute listen can involve middle-eastern singing, Chinese music, church organs, brass bands, vampire sounds and smooth jazz among a selection of other genres that leave you tingling more than a Twilight fan confronted with a naked picture of Robert Pattincunt.

The first time you listen to this music will be like seeing the life of an old lady who is about to be run over flash before her eyes before being transported into the raving mind of a murderous truck driver, who has found out that said old lady was sleeping with his wife, as he brutally reverses over aforementioned octogenarian’s twitching body.  All of this takes place inside your ears at the same time you hear the thoughts of someone considering the possibilities of  starting a Mexican bar where all staff respond only to ‘Jim’ and the sole beverage available is ground vinyl and coke with a dash of liquefied marijuana.

If you like cats then you might want to visit their myspace where there is a charming picture of one.  If you don’t like cats then fuck you or you can buy music among other things here.

Also, there is a youtube video after this sentence that has the sound of Gaslamp Killers in it as well some lovely photos. Enjoy.


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