The A-Team

Old man. Once upon a time, old man make TV show. TV show for children. Children stupid. Children love helicopter, violence. TV show childhood staple of generation. Children grow up. Fond memory of old man TV show.

Children grow up more. Become juicy, moving, demographic target. Children fickle, easily entertained. Old man revisit TV show. Everyone know fossil look best with fresh coat emulsion. Old man gather team, make plan. He love when plan come together. Plan v complicated, implausible. Many part. But most crucial part of all: missing.

Old man make film, using multi-facet plan. Film about nothing but gag, fight and explosion. Some gag funny, most not. Fight brutal. Explosion p nice. Rest of plan fashion from cardboard. Old man call baddie ‘cartoon character’. V ironic. Team reduce to essence. Now exist solely as catchphrase. TV show, team not exactly nuanced, either. Forgiveable.

But TV show had simple plot. By end film, feel p turned around. Plot complicated as fuck, serve no purpose. Collapse under weight of twists. Film reference show continually. But film have unrelated premise. TV show about mercenary team. Fight bullies for Ronnie Corbett, build tank out of runabout; film, baddie is mercenary. Team fight element own government, don’t stick up for anyone but self. TV show, team are fugitive. Work for crust while evade capture, clear name; film, team bounce from prison to street. Out for revenge, justice incidental. TV show, death rarely portrayed; film, team deal death like Top Trumps. Morally, show and film pole apart.

Film exhibit strange view of patriotism. Old man believe American dream. American government repeatedly make bitch. Old man defy government over again. Then call another character ‘traitor’. Strange. Forward thinker, contingency planner, yet blind to own doom. In better film, might be ironic. Same time, angry black man confuse, reject violence. Soon experience epiphany, cost soul, his and baddie. Film sympathetic, message unmistakeable. Violence, brutality earliest recourse, not last resort. Character pick up, discard morality like hairstyle. Literally. TV show for children; film for manchildren.

Seems v pity TV show premise left for sequel. But fun anyway. Entertain. Make many right moves. Film good when about bang, drive, fly, punch, joke. Plenty wrong move, too. Plot too twist. All sub-plot, pointless, distracting, laughable. Too long. Too many say ‘awesome’. Worst, lack soul of TV show.

Still likeable, exciting. Worth watch.



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