Botheration by Oaf

If  Oaf could be described in two words then ‘fuck off’ would be it. Botheration is the debut album of shouting, bass bashing Mr Lawson and drum fiddling Mr Rayment (think I had him for Biology once) that really is quite good.

Excepting a guest appearance by Justin Hawkins on guitar during Giant Ballbag, the entire album is made solely of crunchy bass, shouty bits and drums.  Some people would ask if a lack of guitars and other frivolous sound-instruments would render the album a bit shit. This is not so, songs such as A Euphemism for Tits and Wanking With a Fistful of Shit sound thicker than a cold pint of Guinness and Trent Reznor‘s colossal neck combined. In fact, it sounds a lot better than some of the beige guitar based ear-rot that oozes out of radios and PR machines.

Tracks such as Tiny When Erect and I’m Retarded are like loud chunks of anger covered in a storming bass line and crashing drums which are punctuated by gravelly beer stained vocals. The lyrics appear to have been written by someone with many pieces of wit, pork pies and lager inside them. Never have the words been sung ‘we were at the beach, everyone had matching cocks’ until now.

This band doesn’t sound like Good Charlotte,  this band  sounds like it should be famous. Anything as fresh as this deserves attention and your ears. If you feel like looking at their myspace then please do, you can also buy their new album or even see them making noise in real life if you really want to.

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