Kylesa unveil new song, prompts semi-retraction

Looking back on my review of Static Tensions by Kylesa from when the site launched, I think I may have been a little harsh. One thing you cannot legislate for as a reviewer is the ‘grower.’ You listen to an album enough to make your mind up and then judge it. So be it. But then you find yourself listening to it a shitload more and realise that your earlier knee-jerk reaction was laughably inadequate. That happened in this case and I thought my review was pretty spot on at the time. But since then, Static Tensions has wormed its way into my affections far more than I thought it would. I still don’t think it is as good as its predecessor, but I feel the need to redress the balance a little, not least of all because every time I listen to it, I feel a little bit stupid, safe in the knowledge that a maximum of four people worldwide may have read that review.

Anyway, I now wish to draw more attention to my error. One way to do so is to point you in the direction of the rather excellent new song that they have up at their Myspace, called Tired Climb, and then preface it with a whiny introduction retracting my earlier review, which nobody has read anyway.

It seems they haven’t hung around getting to the next album (perhaps they too weren’t all that pleased with Static Tensions either) and the new song marks another progression in their sound, and they are really using the two drummer line-up to its full potential. I’ve given it a good few listens and I’m pretty hooked. Worth a listen. The new album is called Spiral Shadow and is out in October, and the artwork is excellent, unless you are a bit drunk, in which case it may make you want to vomit.

That is all.


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