Trent Reznor and Aticuss Ross- The Social Network

A film about Facebook is liable to be as entertaining as a dance about Architecture or a novel about running, or a game about paying your mortgage (Animal Crossing doesn’t count because you have to catch bugs and find fossils and shoot down the postie in the morning). Because we’re in the 21st century and everything is homogenised and boring as fuck though, a film about facebook is actually happening, directed by the man who did Fight Club. Expect lots of computer nerds to start fighting each other and taking ages to do any actual physical damage to each other because they’re all played by Michael Cera or something.

But we aren’t here to talk about the film thank Christ, otherwise I’d just blether on and on about how much I hate Facebook. The one time I was on it some people from school started following me and I distinctly remember one of them choke slammed me before Geography and it brought back so many horrible memories, so I deleted it in a huff and went back to playing through Metroid Prime or whatever it was I did at Uni. I hate myself.

Anyway no, we’re here to discuss the soundtrack. By one Trent Reznor. Those who know me are well aware that I am basically ‘Johnny Fucking Nine Inch Nails.’ I am obsessed. Hideously. The man could record himself ejaculating into a tornado, farting the riff of Smoke On The Water and I would buy it. As per usual, his soundtrack for The Social Network is excellent.

It’s got a lot in common with the Ghosts album, in that it’s a selection of mood pieces rather than the gothic disco pomp he got himself known for, and that’s fine. Reznor’s peerless when it comes to writing evocative, brooding soundscapes.

I can’t be scuttered describing it track by track, because that’s a lazy, hackish thing to do really that shows a complete lack of imagination or ability. Chaps.

I will say though, that some of this reminds me of Rick Wakeman actually. Rick Wakeman is basically amazing. He ordered a curry during a Yes gig once. I hope he nonchalantly munched away at a chapati while wailing on a bitching keyboard solo during South Side Of The Sky.

Oh and here’s a late review of How To Destroy Angels… It’s sounds like the quiet bits of The Fragile sung by a woman. Shut up it’s great.

Right, that’ll do.


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