Tramadol Shites: Unfunny ginger smackhead insults fat blind retard

Katie Price, the professional rack and celebrity sleeping bag once known as Jordan, has cried havoc and unleashed the dogs of law on Channel 4, not for the crimes against comedy by broadcasting Frankie Boyle’s piss poor new sketch show Tramadol Nights, but because it featured a joke at the expense of their severely disabled son Harvey, who she’s more than happy to exploit like a dancing monkey in her dangerously compelling series of heavily edited documentaries.

Emerging from a mystical fog of hype like a ghost ship, Tramadol Nights jumps from stand-up to tortuously drawn out sketches and back again. Frankie Boyle’s razor sharp wit seems far more at home on panel shows than it does in script meetings where his normally acerbic punchlines are boiled down to muted shades.

In her complaint, Price’s legal enforcers drew a direct comparison to Sachsgate, in which two egotistical unfunnymen harassed an elderly actor, the long term effects of which weren’t a serious debate about boundaries or anything of the like, but a craven fit of self-censorship from the BBC. Obviously the comparison serves as a ready made headline for the right wing press and the same brigade of shrieking, hysterical howler monkeys who confused the debate by retrospectively complaining about something they either didn’t witness or deliberately sought out in order to be offended. Amusingly gypsies, Muslims, asylum seekers, Muslims, students, Muslims and students are all fair game for spiteful insinuation, but a punchline directed at their cash cow’s troubled offspring is worthy of national outcry.

Even worse are the otherwise rational people who’re weighing in with hand-wringingly sanctimonious observations to the effect of ‘Well, that was a horrible thing to say!’ as if that matters in the slightest. Frankie Boyle isn’t going door to door telling you that he’s given Aids to your pets, comedy is something you choose to witness and if you don’t like it, you stand up (hurrr!) and you walk away.

Harvey wasn’t a participant in this, and everyone who did witness it, did so through choice. It’s doubtful even the aggrieved baby-shitting machine that is Katie Price witnessed it first hand and instead was told by a friendly sycophant, which kicked into gear the rolling stock of stupidity currently gathering momentum in the press and across the internet.

I watched Tramadol Nights once, it was fucking ghastly and so I never watched it again. Is it really so hard for you to do the same?



  1. your a horrible excuse for a person don’t be do rude he’s nine years old he hasn’t done anything to you don’t you dare call him a retard. try looking after a disabled child for a day Katie Price is fine she cares for harvey and thats more then you can say. who are you to be judging you creepy weirdo people like you scare away normal people.

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