Origin – Entity

My initial thought as I sat down and waited patiently for this new album to, ahem, arrive, was that the opening song title was a bit unfortunate. I’m sure Origin thought Expulsion of Fury was the kind of turn of phrase that summed up their no-nonsense how-the-fuck-do-they-do-that Tech Death, but to me it conjures up images of lonely fat death metal fans masturbating furiously over album covers by Morbid Angel while trying to keep pace with a Cryptopsy album and praying to some fictional anti-deity that they wont wear their nubbin penii to a bloody stump in the process, before finally bringing themselves to a finish in an expulsion of fury. I’m not sure what that says about me though.

Thankfully all such thoughts are removed from my head immediately by the barrage of quite ridiculous technicality that is displayed in the first minute of this album, and then again for the 40 odd consecutive minutes, before it all comes to an end in a flurry of confusing and bewildering sexual release and double kick.

It has to be said that my opinion of Death Metal is hardly complementary. In my eyes the vast majority of it is as dull as running into someone from its slightly idiotic fanbase on a night out and being unable to escape while they wear you down with talk of the kind of shoes the drummer from Nile wears. I love Origin though, for one reason. They do tricks. Origin manage to reduce me to nothing more than an excitable poodle desperate to have the ball thrown one more time.

Ever since I heard that track that opens with a quote from Dogma, Origin have made me giggle when they do one of their look-how-ridiculously-good-our-drummer-is show-off flash-bastard moves. This laregely revolves of course around their drummer being somewhat insanely good. If their last album Antithesis managed to make Gene Hoglan look like a slouch, and it did, then this new album should have every drummer in the state of Florida hiding under their bed.

In essence, what you have here is the best songs off Antithesis, rewritten with extra tricksy bits, with a few extra riffs here and there, and hey presto. Parts of it are so staggeringly similar to Antithesis that I wouldn’t be surprised to see the band suing themselves in court. But then what does it matter if they are recycling the same old scales over and over, throwing in little flourishes here and there? It still puts a silly rictus grin all over my stupid fat face.

If you are the sort of Death metal fan who is more interested in speed, however, then you are a cu…I mean you are ably served by this album, which intersperses the off kilter rhythms and progressive lunacy with extended periods of speed that in my opinion tend to blend in to one, but there you go.

For a band who are so progressive in their approach to a such a tired, bloated scene, this isn’t so much a radical step forward but more of a tinkering with a formula that ensures they are still head and shoulders above the pack. Relentless, showy, stupid and faster than Jesus in a jet plane.


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