You’re haven a laugh

Oh wow a news update. This would not normally have happened. We normally leave news and press releases to lesser blogs run by pig ignorant, thick as shit homophobes, but something mighty important has happened. There is a new Will Haven song and Grady is singing on it. It’s like the past 10 years had never happened. I wish they never happened.

Here it is. It’s pretty good. It sounds better than a lot of the stuff off The Hierophant so I am cautiously optimistic.

Here they all are. Looking cool. I hope when I’m in my mid to late 30s I can still dress like a skateboarder.

New album is out October 10th I think. It’ll be called Voir Dire.

This entire post took me about 5 minutes. Imagine if we’d all taken 5 minutes out of every day to update this bloody thing. We could have been Gods.


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