The Mustaine Report

Revenant Andi Hamilton wanted to make a feature out of this but alas he’s slipped from this mortal coil and is floating around in limbo somewhere, watching wrestling. So it’s up to me to update the Mustaine report, as I’ve decided recently that I find his madness wildly endearing.

Now this next bit is going to involve me linking to Blabbermouth, which I am utterly ashamed of.

Look at that. Mustaine in ‘I like God’ shocker. Look at the slew of comments in its wake too.

‘Dave, love your music, but this other stuff bores me. In your autobiography you should have said a lot more about the albums you created, and less about your tedious battles with drugs and religion.’


Yes, because it’d be fun to read 400 pages of ‘I went into the studio I wrote these songs I played my guitars it was smashing.’


‘You are infected with a virus. If you had polio you’d seek a cure, so why not seek a cure for your God infection ? Is it because you’d be all alone in the world without your metaphysical crutch to fall back on, is it because you’d have to take responsibility for your own actions, is it because you’d have nothing else to blame for the state of your shitty existence ? Probably.’


Sage words there from, eh, Bongwarrior. I wish I could pretend to know everything after hearing that Richard Dawkins was cool.


I literally have no idea what my point is anymore. I like Dave Mustaine now, and Megadeth by default. I also like the way he gets hessians butthurt. Imagine taking anything Dave Mustaine said seriously. Imagine writing into Blabbermouth about it. Imagine standing over a precipice, and jumping to your self-willed doom with ‘I wrote into Blabbermouth about Dave Mustaine’ as the final thought flashing through your mind. Then imagine getting to the afterlife and a celestial Dave Mustaine’s at the gates saying ‘no entry lol you wrote into blabbermouth about me sucks to be you rofl.’


You should all get the new Elysian Fields album it’s bloody lovely.

Bye bye.

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