Interview – Seth Putnam

A few months ago I managed to get an email interview with Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt for Metal Hammer magazine’s 13 questions segment. However, before it could be used, the silly bugger died. For a few days afterwards the internet was rife with mourning. And jokes. Mostly jokes. Seth Putnam wouldn’t have wanted it any other way really.

Lots of people got a bee in their bonnet about the racism and violent sexism in his music, and I can’t argue with that really. What people tend to overlook though is that they sometimes gave way to very innocent silly songs. For every song about killing women or black people there was another about getting athlete’s foot or windchimes being gay. There was also the gloriously sarcastic Picnic of Love album, 10 ballads about respecting women and falling in love. It was unironically quite good too. Maybe by sticking the ultra offensive songs alongside the silly songs he was making some kind of statement about how everything was stupid. Who knows. It’s hard to be offended though at something as overtly horrible as I Snuck a Retard into a Sperm Bank when you couple it with I’m Really Excited About the Upcoming David Buskin Concert.

Anyhoo, I asked Jon Selzer at Metal Hammer if it was ok to publish the interview and he said go for it. Seth’s answers were too funny to be kept under lock and key, and it’s also weirdly candid.

So thank you Jon, and also thanks to Kim Kelly for sorting the interview out.

Here’s how it might have appeared.


Grind pioneer, reprobate, and children’s entertainer Seth Putnam waxes lyrical about religion, his hectic past, and his favourite Cat Stevens record.

1. When you started did you ever think the band was going to last this long?

No, it was only meant to last one month, one show, one demo. That’s it.

2. Do you believe in god(s) or the devil?

Yeah, I made up my own religion myself when I was a child. It’s kinda personal, so I don’t really wanna talk about it.

3. What has been the high point of your career?

Playing at the Worcester Centrum (local arena for the Boston area) with Pantera in 1996. We never thought we’d ever play a show that size.

4. And the lowest point?

Probably, when… I’d stay up for five days in a row, shooting cocaine. Then I’d shoot heroin to sleep a day, and then shoot more coke and stay up another five days. I tried to eat twice in one month and puked both times, this went on for three months, I just wasn’t used to eating, I couldn’t even swallow a spoonful of soup. Looking back, I had a great time, so I don’t know if this is the lowest point.

5. Is there a piece of art and/or film that’s important to you?

The movie The Bad Bunch is my favourite movie ever made. It’s awesome because it’s the most equally balanced racist film, the blacks hate the whites and the whites hate the blacks, it’s very equal, no one comes out looking less racist, and it’s real extreme racism. It’s very entertaining.

6. Have you made any enemies along the way?

Millions of them yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on. I don’t care if they hate me, I can’t be bothered.

7. Are you a difficult person to work with?

Not really, no. It all depends on who I work with, some people are easy to work with, some aren’t. Earache had a lot of problems, after each show, I’d end up destroying everything… equipment, I destroyed P.A.s, the crowd would be covered in blood, I was too much of a liability at that point.

8. Is there a song you are most proud of writing?

I paid Jim Howell to rape you, I like the song’s structure, it’s really well written and I like the lyrics too. Recently I wrote Beating up n*****s that sell fake crack, Tsunasum, Kicking your ass and fucking your bitch, and a lot of other new stuff. Your kid committed suicide because you suck is one of my favorite songs.

9. What albums would you take to a desert island with you?

Anal CuntIt Just Gets Worse, Vaginal JesusAffirmative Apartheid, BuckcherryTimebomb, Sid ViciousSid Sings, Negative Approach – 1st 7”, Village PeopleCruising, Culture ClubColour By Numbers, HellhammerDemon Entrails, DeathBack From The Dead demo, SlaughterBloody Carnage demo, there’s a Cat Stevens record I like a lot, I just can’t remember the name. SwansCop. That’s pretty much it.

10. If you could shoot any one person in the face, who would it be?

(Oddly, he honestly couldn’t think of one.)

11. What point in history would you most like to visit, and why?

I’d like to go back the early 1980’s to see Hellhammer, Venom, Culture Club, Slayer, Village People. You know, when they all started.

12. What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle you have chosen?

I’m tired of not making a cent, I just keep the band going because you want to.

13. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned along the way?

To never give up the band. I’ve broken up the band a million times, I’ll never do it again.


Death is gay.


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