Metal band in quite good music video shock

*Before we get started, small disclaimer. This band are friends of mine, or at least some of them are, so if any of you are thinking of chirping up with cries of favouritism or nepotism or whatever then yes, you’re right. But I pays the bill round here ladies.

Last night I was, because I am well metal, sat in a metal bar in deepest Yorkshire, the kind of place that, well, is a pub that also plays metal. And by metal, I do mean a non-stop soundtrack of Nu-metal tracks from a decade ago at a volume that is either just too quiet to hear or so loud you can no longer hold a sensible conversation.  You know the kind of place. This particular bar is the type to also have screens showing a music video channel that you can’t hear, which is one of those things I will never understand, mainly because I am old and frail and a great many things now confuse me.

Of course, stick a screen in front of me and even if I’m having a great night out with friends I haven’t seen in far too long, soon enough I can’t peel my eyes off the fucking thing. In this instance the channel in question is Scuzz, so I’m treated to an endless parade of metalcore videos that all do exactly the same thing. Band playing like they’ve got the whole of Wembley in front of them when they actually seem to be in an underground car park. Inter-cut this ‘live’ footage with some tenuous plot dimension that has the band as hitmen or some other such nonsense. Don’t worry about having any kind of coherent narrative though, because the whole thing is geared towards making the band members look edgy and cool. Oh, and don’t forget to add in the pre-requisite hot girl looking lost or pensive or possibly ‘dangerous.’

I realise that trying to make a metal band look interesting is a bit like trying to make Fearne Cotton seem like a human being capable of emotion, but surely the answer is not to make a video that is essentially the same as every other metal promo out there? So imagine my delight to suddenly see this little gem appear nestled between two Killswitch Engage clones:

While on one level I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wash my eyes enough to unsee it, there’s something quite admirable about a band of quite unsightly bearded metal folks squeezing into leotards that reveal far too much man-cameloe, and not having to watch them chuffing and puffing through another tedious slice of bland. In these days of hipster hardcore and metalcore haircuts, there is something vastly watchable about a bunch of extremely unfashionable bearded men not trying to show the world just how boss hard they are and how many girls they can persuade to kiss them by virtue of an angular haircut and a cocky smile.

As for the song, well you can see why they’re being touted about as all manner of ‘next big thing’ in certain portions of the metal press, given that it is a nicely nasty piece of brit-metal. To these aged ears it manages to invoke the stomp of turn of the Millenium British bands like Pulkas and Raging Speedhorn, while also showing an affinity to Will Haven-esque punchy post hardcore (hardly surprising that they have managed to pull off a support slot to the later on this evidence) but then I would say that, because as I said, they’re people I know, and judgement tends to get coloured by such things. I do rather like it though.

RSJ will be supporting Will Haven in London Friday 11th November at the o2 Academy in Islington, so you can catch them there, where I hope the leotard look becomes their on stage costumes. Actually, no I don’t.



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