88 Things We Like More Than The New Soundgarden Song

  1. John Terry
  2. Every other Soundgarden song except that terrible one they did for the Avengers soundtrack
  3. Running out of milk
  4. the Daily Mail website
  5. People who complain about the Daily Mail website
  6. Crywanking
  7. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne
  8. Burning hair
  9. Chinese burns
  10. Boris Johnson
  11. Marmite
  12. First Buses
  13. Hollyoaks plot lines
  14. Having to work as a writer on Hollyoaks
  15. Doctor Who fans
  16. People on Twitter
  17. Being friends on Facebook with your family
  18. Sour milk
  19. Papercuts
  20. Doing a sick in your mouth
  21. John Terry again
  22. Cats on the Internet
  23. Hip replacement surgery
  24. People who think Three Wolf Moon is funny
  25. Thinking this article was a good idea
  26. Mitt Romney
  27. Ashley Cole
  28. Channel 5 news
  29. The Pigeon Detectives
  30. Come Dine With me
  31. Cancer of the puppy
  32. The guy who narrates the X Factor and Come Dine With Me
  33. Following through
  34. Obesity epidemics
  35. Nappy rash
  36. Winter
  37. When your jeans get ripped in the crotch
  38. Press releases
  39. Audioslave
  40. Stubbed toes
  41. ITV Sport commentary
  42. Mucus
  43. the word ‘moist’
  44. John Terry
  45. ITV
  46. Midsummer Murders
  47. Neighbours
  48. Nightmares
  49. Over friendly dogs
  50. Excrement on your shoe
  51. Flooding
  52. Mondays
  53. The new Devil Sold His Soul album
  54. Muse
  55. The Stone Roses
  56. People who like Morrissey
  57. Facebook
  58. Found Footage horror films
  59. You
  60. Bedsheets that come off when you turn over
  61. Light margerine
  62. Low fat snacks
  63. Broken headphones
  64. Children
  65. Glasses without lenses
  66. Ugly people
  67. Being skint
  68. Adverts with footballers in
  69. Not being able to download an album you want the second it comes out
  70. Spiders
  71. Formula One
  72. Richard Littlejohn
  73. Downton Abbey
  74. Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes
  75. Sticky things
  76. John Terry
  77. The special effects at the end of Star Wars Episode II
  78. Still thinking Star Wars is the best film ever into your thirties
  79. Keep Calm and Carry On
  80. The Blackadder Millenium Special
  81. Splitting the Hobbitt into more than one film
  82. Skinny Jeans
  83. Michael Jackson’s last album
  84. Simon Pegg’s career
  85. The Only Way Is Essexmas
  86. Kim Kardashian
  87. Steel Panther
  88. The futility of existence

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