Annual Damnation Festival Plug

I’ve been commanded by my betters to rustle up some enthusiasm and write a thing about one of our favourite all-day festivals. This way they will let us get in for free and lounge about in the press room like mysterious loners, eating cornish pasties, looking dang handsome and farting all day.

Look at this:

We went along to last year’s Damnation Festival, and we had a thoroughly lovely time watching Amplifier and Conan. I think there were some other bands on as well. Devlin Townsman or someone? We didn’t bother to cover it at all, obviously. Which is why I’m writing this, you see, so they will let us come back. One hand washes the other.

Also this is the festival that let us see Panic Cell back in the dim and distant days of 2010, and we can never ever forget that.


Rip Panic Cell


This year you can see bands including Electric Wizard, My Dying Bride and Pig Destroyer! Hooray for those bands! And it’s only £32 for about half a day’s worth of loud clattering, hessian socialising and merch-purchasing, which is eye-popping value no matter what sarcastic tone of voice you talk about it in.

Further down the bill, things get cooler still. Bossk are named after a Star Wars  baddie, which I won’t hold against them. I’ve heard them make noises before and I seem to remember I quite liked it. Then there’s Gama Bomb40 Watt SunPrimordialBelphegorExtreme Noise TerrorAmenra and The Atrocity Exhibit. Twenty-three bands in all will play over the course of 11 hours. That’s approximately £1.40 per band. You cannot argue with that.

Actually, you could, but not with me, because I’m not listening.

Damnation Festival takes place on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Leeds University Union. Tickets are available now priced £32. 

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