An Auditory Experience

Every now and again here at Pigeon Towers, usually while we are cleaning out the cages of those ex writers who cannot again face the outside world, we attempt to have some kind of editorial meeting.

Sometimes these affairs take the form of long despondent howls of ennui towards the moon that form a kind of mantra, the end result of which is a vague agreement that we need to do stuff. Sometimes these are full on enthusiasm rages that produce reams of notes on things that we can do to envelop the planet with the brand of Demon Pigeon. All of which, naturally, come to nothing. Which is why you have yet to see Demon Pigeon flavoured condoms, Demon Pigeon thongs or a great big zeppelin hovering over the great metropolis of Swindon playing both halves of the new UFOmammut album on constant repeat through a series of antiquated speaker systems.

At one of these such meetings, the idea surfaced briefly of us doing a podcast. This idea was shot down fairly quickly in a flurry of protests, most of them quite legitimate. We are singularly incapable of creating anything more complex than stream-of-consciousness ramblings in type. We cannot use technology (remember when we said we were going to redesign the site?) and we are, all in all, far too shambolic in our engagement to put our minds to such a task. It was folly.

But now, while a Demon Pigeon Auditory Experience is no closer to reality than Jesus, one of our fine scribes (Mr Will Downes of making Testament fans angry fame) has gone and found some people who aren’t quite so utterly incapable of facing the world and gone and made a podcast with them. We would say that we’re jealous, but the truth is we are all just relieved that this means we won’t have to do it.

The podcast is called Meavy Hetal and you can find the first episode below, and ‘like’ them on ‘the Facebook’ here. In the first episode there’s some very good songs from the likes of Origin, Testament and other such bands, there’s an interview with York based up and comers RSJ, and some general banter and stuff. I think it is very good, and not just because I hope that if I say that then they’ll invite me on next week and allow me to play a 20 minute long Colour Haze song and a 30 second long Pig Destroyer one.


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