Radio Stars

So it may seem like we have been doing nothing recently, but that is only 97% true. Yes, we could have been writing you long reviews about how good the new Kongh album is, or how average the new QOTSA song is, or even finally finishing the Pokemon Diaries. But we haven’t, and you are just going to have to live with that.

But we’ve not been entirely idle. Oh no. Not only has the devastatingly handsome Will Downes been busy making the second episode of the MeavyHetal podcast, but he also managed to convince your erstwhile Editor in Chief to be a ‘special guest.’ So if you want to hear us talking about rubbish thrash, covers, Hellfest and more, just click on the big shiny box below. Go on, tickle our box.

Meavy Hetal Show 2-Featuring With One Last Breath by Meavyhetal on Mixcloud

 If you are using one of those fruit emblazoned things that hate flash like we hate Djent, why not visit the Soundcloud page.


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