Black Sabbath – God is Dead?

Oh hello.

There’s a new Black Sabbath song. It’s called God is Dead? Let’s have a listen:

Is God alive or is God dead?” asks Ozzy ‘Otto Schwarz’ Osbourne, apparently shooting for portentous, philosophical drama in the Wagnerian mould, but instead coming up with Nietzsche For Beginners.

The result of 34 years of dreaming? A sorry, plodding effort full of nursery school lyrical couplets, and riffs best-suited to soundtracking an over-50s step aerobics class. And I mean no disrespect to Brad Wilk, but he should know better than to come within a light year of this project. I’m only surprised Dave Grohl isn’t somehow on the throne—although knowing him he’ll be busy celebrating the approaching end of HIV by bareback bumming the absolute ginger pubes off Josh Homme.

Anyway, hail to the riff.

See ya.


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