PiGeon Playlists


While we were thinking about the relaunch of your favourite idiotic heavy metal blog, we were trying to come up with ideas that might have longevity beyond the single article lifespan of most of our output. But thinking is getting harder by the day, so we’ve decided to just throw some Spotify playlists at you instead, because that counts as a whole new article each time.

This way, we gain the advantage of churning out ‘content’ (albeit shit a poisoned wasp  could manage), and for you dear reader, it’ll seem like are working much harder than we actually are, even though you are getting depressingly less quality with every visit.

Full disclosure: We were worried this strategy was too fucking lazy even for us, until we remembered that this is what almost every single heavy metal blog, zine and indeed ‘website’ does: Endless exercises in driving hits to grow our audience to try and drive more hits to get our links out there… to the purpose of who knows what. Selling ads? Ell em eh oh.

So without further ado, please enjoy this the first of what will be (or may not end up being, to be honest) endless spouts of amazing bullshit.

Pigeon Playlist May 2013: The Completely Official Demon Pigeon Hellfest Playlist For People Who Are Going To Hellfest:

We are going to Hellfest soon. Did we mention it? I think we might have done. We’re quite looking forward to it, as well. It’ll be dead good, not least of which because it isn’t a British festival and therefore definitely not a cynical attempt to turn you upside down and empty your pockets of all your money, giving you as little in return as possible.

As well as that, there’s a lot of rather good bands. There’s quite a few shit ones too, so once the festival released the stage times and we worked out exactly who we would actually get to see, we created this playlist as a kind of dry run. So if you are going to Hellfest, here’s some songs to get you excited. If you are not then here’s some stuff to make you jealous. Enjoy. Or not. Up to you entirely.

You can still get tickets for Hellfest for the stupidly good price of €160 from www.hellfest.fr


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