Holding out the begging cup again

staff meeting

Those of you even remotely interested in the affairs of state of Demon Pigeon Dot Com will have noticed a resurgence of late, a general tilting at the windmills of the internet. We’ve been posting a lot. You get the drift. But rather than shoot our literary load and then go into hibernation for an extended period (a tactic that has proved so spectacularly successful for us in the past), we’d really like to be able to keep going, feel the impetus beneath our feet. But to do that, we need some fresh blood. We need you. Well maybe not you, but possibly you.

We have a pretty healthy crop of damn fine writers, but they all do this for free, and we don’t want to work them too hard or they’ll all go away. So we are looking to bolster our stable with some new writers who would like to see the prestigious title of ‘ex-writer for Demon Pigeon’ clutter up their CV at some unspecified future date.

We can’t offer you any money. Sorry about that. We can’t offer you fame. We can’t even offer guarantees of free stuff, seeing as most PR agencies don’t really like us very much any more. What we can offer you is…um….

Well here’s the thing. We like writing here, and if you are the sort of person who likes writing, then chances are you’ll like writing for us. If you are unfamiliar with our work to date, feel free to have a click around the site to see the kinds of things we do. Some good examples might be here, here, here, here, here and here. We don’t have a manifesto as such, because that would be ridiculous, but we care about the content of our articles. What we really want is to move away from the standard ‘reviews and interviews’ bread and butter of music blogging, and do more interesting things.

Join us at Demon Pigeon and as long as your writing is up to scratch we are very flexible about what you might want to write about. We may primarily a website that caters to the tastes of children (heavy metal, computer games etc) but there’s not a lot that will remain off the table subject wise.

If you’re serious about writing, and you want to bulk out your portfolio with interesting and varied articles then this might be an opportunity for you. We have a healthy and diverse audience, and some of our writers have already moved on to loftier heights. We haven’t because we’re scared of heights, but that’s a different story.

So if you have the ability to make words form sentences in a way that is both delightful and legible, an interest in music, film, comics and other trivialities of modern life that extends beyond the legally advisable and preferably a very low sense of self worth that will allow your new overlords to bully you into working long into the night for the aforementioned zero pay, please get in contact.

If you are interested you can email coop@demonpigeon.com, telling us what kind of thing you’d like to write about, and attaching a sample of your work. We are especially looking for female writers because we’d like to have a bit more balance in that area than we currently enjoy.

We cannot guarantee responses because if you are awful, well then that’s just awkward.

Good luck!


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