All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature


(Southern Lord)

‘Supergroup’ thingies usually end up so far short of the supposed sum of their parts, don’t they? It’s almost as if one of the key things about bands is their internal dynamic, or something else we could ruminate on for hours and hours. We’re not going to do that though, because it’s pretty boring. I’ll say this one thing though—I’ve yet to hear Ben Koller play drums in a shit band, and he’s been in a LOT of them.

All Pigs Must Die aren’t an exception either, in case you thought I was being smart and setting up one of those ‘news sandwich’ things so beloved of middle-management types. Their last record God Is War was bloody great, so was their self-titled EP, and by all accounts they ‘bring it’ live too.

Now, Nothing Violates This Nature has been out a little while at this point so hopefully, dear reader, you’ll already have thrown some shiny pennies at Greg ‘Greg’ Anderson for a copy of this record and you’re probably onto the very latest new and brilliant thing, but some of us take a bit of time over these ‘review’ things so bear with me…

Like God Is War, this is also marvellous. It’s 33 minutes long, full of what I suppose you might call ‘faceripping riffs’ and ‘full-on bangers’ if you were a wally prone to insane hyperbole, wrapped in some lovely artwork, and buying it will instantly make your record collection 1.45% cooler (2.18% on vinyl). What it doesn’t do is anything particularly new, but I’ve long been a proponent of the idea that if you write good songs and deliver them properly (in this case really, REALLY violently) then ‘pushing through genre boundaries’ and all that other sort of music critic guff is irrelevant. It’s got short fast songs, longer slower songs, and a couple that kind of mix it up a bit, it’s sequenced really well so you don’t get bored, and it’s well worth spending your actual money on.

So yeah, go buy it. Cheers.

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