Pigeon Playlists: Pearl Jam – 10×10


By now you may have seen our stupendously over indulgent deification of Pearl Jam’s latest, Lightning Bolt. Not content with spewing over a thousand words of hyperbole over it, we thought we’d also celebrate with a Pigeon Playlist. Let’s get some mileage out of this sucker.

Given that their career is now ten albums deep, fulfilling the title of their first, we thought we’d put together an album of the best tracks from the band’s career, but limited to one track from each album. The result is a snapshot of their career to date, and proof, if proof be needed, that Pearl Jam put the lie to the law of diminishing returns.

Ten tracks from ten albums, from a band whose first album was called Ten. Let’s call it 10×10, shall we?

Disagree? Put your own track listing in the comments and we’ll all take turns laughing at you.


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