RSJ – Higgs Boson


(Dead Rat Records)

I think I’m getting on a bit, you know. Quite aside from the alarming dominance that the colour grey is starting to exert over my beard, the increased grumpiness, and the noises I now involuntarily make when getting in and out of my car, I’m also finding it more difficult to sub-categorise music. Quite liberating, actually. What was once a headscratching exercise in ultimate descriptive precision, resulting in a media library full of such exotic linguistic delights as ‘blackened math/tech grind’ has become, over the last couple of years, a simple process of “well, is it good or is it shit?” Liberating, yep.

What that DOESN’T do, however, is make writing these reviews any easier. People expect a certain level of literacy and descriptive flair in these things, it seems. I suppose I could say something wanky like “RSJ bring an early-millennial bounce and swing to their slab-thick riffing, recalling all that was so exciting about modern metal’s fusion with hardcore at the turn of the last century,” couldn’t I? Would that help you decide at all? I dunno. Might do.

I’m not going to do that though, so get that idea right out of your head. I’m going to do this instead: RSJ are really good. I like RSJ. Higgs Boson is a good record, and if you like heavy metal you should at least give it a listen. They’ve got bits of all the good things about the sort of heavy metal you wore baggy jeans and facial piercings to a few years ago, grounded in a proper appreciation for the sort of heavy metal that still demands you have long hair and wear jeans that fit you properly. RSJ – definitely good. Not shit at all.


An Old Bastard.


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